You dont have to like something that someone does, but for them to actually do something deserves Respect.

For example, many people don’t like Justin Bieber. Just because you don’t like his music, that doesn’t mean the kid earns respect. Many people aren’t as talented as him and they don’t respect him. I’m not saying I’m a fan of him (which I’m not) but Respect him for the talent he has. 

Another Example, many people hate on famous sports players. Just because they are not your favorite player or on your favorite team gives no reason why to disrespect them. They are in the major leagues for a reason, they are talented. Respect that.

A Dream, A Goal, A Desire

I have an inspiration, an influence, I follow

To be like them, by being myself.

I try to hard, I try to early,

My time is not right now, it will be soon.

Time flies and stands still, My dream,

My goal, and my desire awaits in my heart.

For what I have done in the past I regret,

To change who I am is too late.

The start of my adulthood is a new breath of fresh air.

To start over, to change, to have a wife and two kids

Who I will always love, who will take me higher,

Right into my dream, my goal, my desire.

                Riley Hanks